Youth Leadership Conference

Annual Youth Leadership Conference 

Join the Pan-Icarian Youth at the annual leadership conference where you will learn what it means to be a Pan-Icarian American. We’ll discuss the history of our Brotherhood- its work, its hardship and its goals. Guest speakers are invited to present on various topics of interest.

… And we have some fun in-between, we are Icarian after all.

Want more information? Check out the FAQ section below.


Why register as a Delegate?

Lodging, meals, events, and travel during the weekend are free to you. You’ll also learn tools to help you become more involved.

What about travel costs?

Some chapters offer a travel stipend. Contact your Chapter for more information.

Where is the Youth Conference?

The location and date changes every year. Multiple Chapters volunteer to host, but the Youth have the final say on where they’re going. This year, we’re headed to Pittsburgh!

Where can I sign up and get more information?

Complete the registration form and return it to your Chapter President.
Check out this year’s page for details.

Who can be a delegate?

Any member in good standing between the ages of 18 and 35 can apply. Only two delegates per chapter. First time delegates are encouraged, but not required.

What if I want to attend but not as a delegate?

The more the merrier! You will be responsible for paying your way, though.

What should I expect to do at the Youth Conference?

Have fun! There is a “welcome” event on the first night, an interactive meeting the following day, and the chapter’s annual glendi that night.

Still have questions?

Contact the Youth Governor or your Chapter President!