Video Interview How-To’s

Lights, Camera, Action!

Interviews can be hard…way harder than they look, so here are some tips to keep things focused.

No Background Noise! Keep pets and other people far away and out of the interview. People get nervous and talk a lot or not enough. Stay calm and set the pace with your questions. Make sure the lighting is good. Make sure the camera is still.

Be creative. Make it pretty. But try to stick to the general format.  
Keep the process as
simple, short, and focused as possible.

Ask questions 1 – 3 to start. Please ask 5 questions in total.

Editing your movie (we used iMovie):

Uploading your movie:(optional: also you can upload the link directly to the playlist on YouTubeClick the upload arrow in the top right corner of the YouTube page (click here for more help)

We want these videos to look as good as possible, so contact us for help filming/editing, or if you can offer help to others! 

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