About Us

What is the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America?

A non-profit organization, the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America was founded by immigrants from the island of Icaria, Greece, to provide medical, disability, and funeral benefits for its members and those on the island.

There are two major branches within the organization: the Supreme Lodge and the Foundation. The Foundation, a 503c, administers the philanthropic endeavors of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood. Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical aid, disaster relief, emergency funding and other charitable causes in North America and Greece. The Lodge is responsible for the magazine, the Youth Conference, and oversight of the chapters and membership. Membership dues go directly to local chapters and a portion is given to the Lodge, while the Foundation receives funding through donations.

With over 1,800 members the Brotherhood continues to act as a platform for culture, aid and service to those in need.

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Pan-Icarian Youth

The Pan-Icarian Youth was created to encourage a younger generation of Icarian Americans to participate in the traditions of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America. They meet annually to discuss ways to increase membership, brainstorm ideas for new events, and elect liaisons who are tasked with getting the Youth involved at the chapter level. 

The history of the Youth dates back to the 1940’s when it was known as the Youth of Icaros. The framework and foundation of the Youth is described in this submission “Our Fervent Youth” written by Past Supreme President, John Sakoutis. The events detailed in the submission describe the strength and passion of the young members of the PIB. While the organization has seen many changes since its inception, one constant has remained – our Youth are vital to the success of our Brotherhood.

“So I beg of you to consider this seriously because in the hands of our youth lays the future of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America.”